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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Karnataka has choosen........

Well the elections are over and we have a new government. The results clearly showed people's frustration in the previous governments. People of Karnataka have chosen and its up to the leaders of BJP to prove their worthiness. My advice to Mr.CM get innovative...... :) .

Here is what I think the new government should concentrate ....

1.Reduce crime and corruption in the state
2.Improve roads,reduce congestion by increasing number of underpasses.
3.Improve water quality
4.Educate and reduce the consumption of power. I have noticed street lights being switched on in broad daylight. Well Mr.CM automate the powering infrastructure.
5.Promote Eco friendliness
6.I want my State clean and green. I want my Garden city back.
7.Increase tree plantations in the city. Lot of trees have been cut down as a result of roads being widened.
8.Promote innovation in Agriculture field.
9.Bangalore needs a better Mass transit system. I have my doubts that current Metro plans will work.
10.Increase parks, improve waste collection system and regularly clean the drainage system!

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