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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hike in fuel prices! are we looking at alternatives...

Well government today announced increase in fuel prices, Diesel will cost 3 Rs more , Petrol 5 Rs more and LPG 50 Rs more. Increase in fuel prices and increasing consumption of fuel day by day pushes us to look around for alternatives.

India claims to have more than 2 million installation of Gober plants(Bio fuel) in rural areas, mainly used as cooking gas, well I have one at my native. Its a very good cost effective solution. Why not use Bio fuel for transportation vehicles too.

European countries like Sweden seem to have high speed trains and buses running on Bio fuel. Why not have all the new Volvo buses run on Bio fuel.

I bet INDIA generates tons of waste that can be used by Bio plants... . This initiative will keep INDIA and environment clean :).

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