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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Calm your mind

A disturbed mind shows path to heal. Our Gurus say a human mind is like a drunken monkey. Millions of thoughts come and go every day. Our views change every minute, well can we do much about it , all we can do is control our mind to the extent possible.

Here is what I hear from others, Mind can be controlled by
  • Reaching out to God (Worship, Helping others when you can .....)
  • Controlling your breath (Yoga)

At the bottom of my blog I have some links to some very good videos which will help to change your thoughts and relax your unstable mind if possible.


padma said...

nice hanuman chalisa

padma said...

nice hanuman chalisa

Anonymous said...

Anxiety is a helpful emotion because it keeps you on your toes in the face of danger or stressful situations. But if this emotion restricts you from doing your daily activities then what you have is a disorder.